Work your posterior chain with hip drop, 2 step, Reverse Sled Pulls

You hear a lot about "posterior chain work" (training everything behind you such as glutes, hamstrings, traps, etc) and there are a multitude of ways to put it into practice.

One way is the reverse sled pull.  In the video above, I work my "posterior chain" by:
  • Dropping my hips low
  • Pulling sled towards me by engaging my lats 
  • Standing up, taking two steps backwards, then dropping low and repeating.
It's a REAL BURN, and you add another dimension to it by PUSH the sled a desired length, then pulling it back. OUCH!

Throw the Training Mask on, and it feels like you are a mile high doing this drill!

Single leg for lower body lifting, single leg for upper body lifting

Doing training exercises on one leg is a great way to create better balance and control while building strength.  You can be kneeling using your upper body or you can be standing on two feet and alternating your leg action.

Two favs of mine are the kneeling DB press for upper body and barbell reverse lunges for lower body strength.


  • Stay stable and upright and tighten your core 
  • When doing overhead press, do not wobble--stay strict and tight
  • When doing reverse lunges stay stable on your front leg and drive off of it when coming out of the lunge position