Med ball box jump

This is a great plyo exercise for developing power by adding weight to the plyo jump. You gotta tighten your core and really stabilize your body to complete this jump. I also try to hold the ball away from my body as I explode on to the box adding a balancing element to the exercise. 

The bugger the ball the more challenging it is!

*Make sure your tighten your core throughout the exercise
*Snap your knees as you jump to the top of the box
*Think "explode up, land softly"

Glute Ham Plate "pause" raise

Try the glue ham machine plate raise to create some killer posterior strength.  The raise works the hamstrings, and the 'pause' helps the gluten strengthen for "athletic firing".

This strengthening is so important because the posterior part of our body is what propels our athletic actions such as sprinting and jumping.