Mini Box Drills for gaining quickness and explosiveness

Gain quickness and explosiveness using something as simple as a mini box.  A 6" inch box may not seem like big time training tools, but it can be used to train both of those athletic traits.  Check out this playlist of drills that can be done using the 6" box and incorporate them into your training program

The circuit: jump rope, sandbag cleans, sand bag reverse lunges, sandbag...

I like to do different workouts to add a change of pace to my routines and this was a garage workout I did last summer using the following items:

  • Training Mask 
  • Sandbag
  • Jump Rope
I performed a circuit going from one exercise to the next. It was a great way to add strength with cardio endurance. Whew!! Tough one

Qalo silicone ring for active lifestyle scores points vs metal rings

The Qalo Ring is so smooth and comfortable during workouts that I barely know I have it on. In the battle of silicone bands vs metal bands there is no contest. 

If you have an active lifestyle or career, the Qalo is a must. Check em out at